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Assisting parents and or guardians understand and navigate thru the K-12 school and

collegiate educational systems. Legal services include research and comprehensive paralegal functioning. 

K-12 Public, Private & Charter Schools

Assisting our clients in understanding and navigating through K-12 and collegiate educational systems. We focus specifically on:

  • IEP/504 plan rights

  • Special education services violations

  • Special education documents (MFE, IEP, 504 plan)

  • FERPA rights

  • FAFSA help (male child selective service registration)


Conflict Resolution

We will assist our clients in cultivating their independent voice when experiencing federal, state and local law violations. 

  • Attending building principal or college administrative meetings

  • Navigating beyond communication barriers

  • Student rights 

  • Emergent or crisis situations within school environments

Paralegal Functions

Our legal services are performed by American Bar Association Certified Paralegal. Some services include but are not limited to:

  • Case brief drafting

  • Medical and client interviews transcription services

  • Work with attorneys for demand and subpoena drafting services


Research & General Writing

  • Legal Research for litigation 

  • Evidence timeline creation 

  • Preparation of trial binders

  • Doctoral research assistance - theoretical framework development 

  • Master thesis and dissertation ghostwriting services

  • Comprehensive editing services 

  • Data framework system development (SAS, SPSS, Nvivo)

  • Nonprofit & New Business Database Development 

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