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Hello! My name is Dr. Durand and I am so excited that you are here! If you found me, then you are looking for someone to help you create strong and impactful strategies to enhance growth! That growth could be within yourself or for your organization. Either way, my team and I are exactly what you need! 


Professionally I am an educational activist for underrepresented populations but personally I am a motivator for change. Being a Domestic Violence survivor and having transcended and recovered beyond major medical diagnosis' and illness, I have learned a great deal about resilience. Life is not meant to be easy but it's how you face hard times that determines your life experiences during the good ones. This is what stops many of us from enjoying the goodness of our personal and professional lives.

A lot of individuals and organizations fail to succeed not because they don't have the recipe for success, but they don't know how to use their success to effectively leverage their employees' talents and skills. That's why I dedicated my life to providing the strategies, tools and resources others need to thrive even when they are facing adversity. My education, professional expertise and life experiences have cultivated a stellar service for people like you who want more out of life. And I can't wait to show you how!! Review my service programs below and set up a time to meet so we can get started achieving success together!!!


Doctorate in Urban Leadership

Masters in Educational Leadership


Christian Counselor


State Teacher, Principal, Superintendent


Master Life and Professional Coach

Diversity, Equity & Inclusion (DEI) Specialist

Non-profit and Corporate restructuring (including Strategic Planning)

Dr. Linetta Durand

Our Services

Attenil Leadership and Management Consulting Group's mission is to strengthen leaders individually to rebuild organizations collectively. We achieve this mission through our carefully designed services that ignite transformation and resilience. We customize our service package to our clients to ensure that everyone receives exactly what they need to do what they love to do better!


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Training | Development

Non-profit organizations provide some of the best services to populations in need. They deliver education, support and guidance daily for free or minimal cost. Longevity in those services are determined by effective operational processes, financial literacy, program execution and more. We provide all the strategies, resources and training to help these organizations thrive today and tomorrow.


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Personal Group & Individual


Relationship building is one of the key elements in gaining success in your personal and professional life. Healthy boundaries and effective communication are skills that can build the foundation for creating outstanding relationships everywhere. We help individuals and collaborative groups develop these strategies to be able to experience a great life.


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Professional Training

Leadership Development 

Leading a team to achieve successful goal making takes more than a great communicating. You have to be the person who exhibits the life you communicate and train about. We help you do just that. Our training and development services guide you to adopt genuine leadership skills that reflect a character of respect, trust and power. 


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